I’m genuinely wrecked.  An early rise, a turbulence affected flight back to the UK and then having to stay on my feet for over an hour to get my passport checked at Leeds Bradford.

The airport provides no seating in the area hundreds of passengers found themselves queuing in today.  When I eventually got into sight of the officers checking passports it amused me and annoyed me in equal measure to see six positions, three manned and three other staff in hi viz jackets directing traffic.  Or rather one of them directing while two of them stood there unable to do anything productive.

Now I spent far too many years as a bank manager and fully understand how staffing skills and staffing numbers can affect an operation like this.  So my irritation was tempered somewhat with sympathy.  But there’s one added dynamic that infuriated me.  Two lines.  EU and other.  Ther “other” line involved a small handful of passengers appearing at random intervals and getting processed immediately.  The EU line involved hundreds of people waiting for approximately an hour simply because our queue was longer.  It’s a little bewildering as to why somebody from, say, Australia should get processed faster than the bloke from Madrid.  Or Leeds.  Or more pertinently Halifax.

Regardless, I did eventually succeed in re-entering this fine nation and headed for the shuttle bus to the long stay car park.  To realise it had left 15 seconds earlier.  A few more minutes wait and I did eventually get on and off.  Another observation being that it’s a longer walk to the disabled spaces than most of the normal spaces!  Go figure …

Next a journey to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary to collect my cancer drug.  A 45 minute drive normally.  A journey from hell today.  As was the trip from hospital to home.

Once home I look to sort out bags for my next three trips.  A night in Northampton.  Five nights in Iceland.  Four nights in Slovenia.  I lose the will to live after one bag.  The others will have to wait.  I’m wrecked and need to learn to manage my condition a little bit smarter.  At least it’s a home game tomorrow.

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