Bratislava.  I’ve heard of Slovan Bratilava from the football record books I used to read as a kid.  I assume they got to the occasional European final back in the day.  Beyond that, I know little about the place – other than it used to be in Czechoslovakia before the nation split after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Apparently they like the Czechs but didn’t want to be the same nation.  So both joined the EU instead!

So far I’ve established the football stadium for Slovan Bratislava has a capacity similar to that of Oldham Athletic, the pictures of the Danube flowing through the city look stunning, there’s a castle and my hotel is 19 minutes walk away from a railway station that will provide transport to get me to Vienna for a day.

Ive been to Prague in the Czech Repulic and enjoyed that.  Although it was probably the place where I vowed to make more of foreign travel as we did little more than attend a rather good Bruce Springsteen gig.   That’s probably my comparator city at the moment.

I’m travelling with €30 and a shedload of credit cards.  Hopefully the ATMs will be kind to my no foreign currency fee cards on arrival as I have to hand over €210 for the driver collecting me at the airport and the hotel.  I do like having my name on a placard as I enter the arrivals area!