1978?  I’m not sure.  I can remember the photo being taken but very little about the day.  No regrets over the clothes!

Revisiting the place has been one thing I’ve intended to do for years.  When I sat down and put my bucket list on paper it was one of the few things that I felt I must do.  And I’m delighted to have done so.

At around £16 to get in it’s no bargain.  And you’re meant to book in advance or there’s a risk of not being admitted!

Ironically, you get the best view of the stones from the main road before you even get to the car park.  But after negotiating the entrance and bus transfer you find yourself close to the stones, surrounded by Japanese and American tourists.  And you can fully circle the structure albeit not get close enough to touch.  And despite time having taken its toll you can appreciate the magnificence of what it once was and feel some sort of aura

While I can appreciate a good city or cathedral it’s natural beauty that does it for me.  Stonehenge is a sort of half way house between the two.  And I loved it.