A half decent night’s sleep in a low cost chain hotel was welcome after struggling with a sore eye yesterday.  Despite that, and no goals, I enjoyed the football.

The good news on the eye is that it’s feeling betterment, but that’s offset by a now rare side effect to the afatinib cancer medication.  Let’s just say we ate later than usual and maybe I should have waited another hour before downing the drug.  Plenty of fluids Dave.  You don’t want to be dehydrated.

Once we’re showered and dressed the day will start with a Holiday Inn Express breakfast.  HIX tend to offer my preferred hotel needs of free parking, free wifi and free breakfast.  Oh, and beds!  A family of four would probably end up paying nearly £20 for a Maccies morning treat so there’s a bargain to be had if you’re only paying £39 for your overnight stay and the morning food’s included.

That said, what’s on offer is basically just an unlimited continental buffet with scrambled egg, little sausages and beans thrown in if you prefer something hot.  Much as I’d prefer poached eggs, proper sausages, mushrooms and bacon it’s not really essential and what’s on offer starts the day well.

To come, Stonehenge.  I’m really looking forward to this.  Unlike, for example, Malta, it’s on my bucket list.  I’m assuming a load of old rocks will also interest Chris as geology forms part of his degree course.  I did see the place as a kid but the memories have long since faded.

After that there’s little time to do other stuff as Chris needs to get some time with his mum before heading back to uni tonight.  I’ve got to check my bag for Bratislava tomorrow.  I think it’s all packed.  I know I’ll unpack it entirely and repack it all again but that’s just part of the fun.

Ultimately as long as I’ve got a change of underwear, passport, Afatinib, credit cards and suitable charging plugs and cables for electronic devices I’ll survive.