Back to Leeds Bradford Airport. A tougher drive in the middle of the day when compared to my previous early hours effort. The place is silent though. Hardly a soul in sight. Perhaps the UK could solve its apparent runway shortage by using this airport more!

On recommendation, I stopped off at Murgatroyds fish shop on the way in and then consumed my haddock and chips in the airport car park. Big mistake. The fish was magnificent but airports don’t seem to do bins so the remains will stay boxed up in the passenger seat of my car until Friday. Not good.  It might prepare me for next month’s trip to Iceland where they like rotten fish!

For the first time in several flights I beeped going through security. I’d kept my Afatinib in my pocket in error. I don’t think they liked it’s metallic wrapping. It took an age for the drug to come back through the scanners – I didn’t enjoy not being in view of what is keeping me alive

Excitingly my gate number is already on the departure board. Less excitingly I discovered there are no seats there. I’m currently sat in an area labelled “Sports Bar”. There is no sport, TV, bar or machine dispensing drinks. My next liquid intake will be in Slovakia! One assumes there is rebuilding going on down here. They might get it done faster if they employ some builders and fitters!

I did check out the currency dispensing ATMs. They offer an exchange rate that effectively charges you around 20% commission. I think I’ll stick my Halifax Clarity card in a Bratislava airport machine on arrival. Then the adventure really begins!