It couldn’t be simpler.  Go to hospital.  Get fixed.  Go home.

Except they can’t fix me.  And one day they won’t send me home.  And hospital disorientation is driving me absolutely nuts.

It’s not just which ward.  Or which hospial.  It’s which county.  I am regularly waking up not knowing where I am, what investigation or treatment I’m in for or where I’m going next.

Lacashire or Yorkshire.  Oldham or Rochdale.  Huddersfield, Halifax or Leeds.  I’m sure there’s somewhere else I’ve visited too along the way.

Im sure there are good financial reasons for a multi-centre approach to patient treatment.  But it’s not something that works well for me.  I feel like I need a foundation for my treatment.  A simple base.  At the moment I feel bewildered by where I’m going each day, who’s going to transport me and what’s going to happen at the end of the travel.  A lack of control and understanding about the whats and wheres.  I don’t care for the whys either!

And genuine confusion about the shape of my days as I’m shoved between wards, wings and completely different towns, while stacked up with morphine and various other drugs.  I thank the patience of those who I keep asking very similar geographical questions of.  Even if I’m not quite able to keep up with all the answers.