Oncobabe has referred me for a brain scan.  This is a slight concern as I’m banned from driving if it shows anything unpleasant.  What will be will be.

This morning has been one of over-relaxed bladder.  Not extreme, but a pressure I should have avoided using the cardboard devices supplied on ward.  This afternoon brings a new scan.  They suspect there’s nothing new to see, but want to check anyway.  My loopiness is not normal!

Then the luscious Rachel is scheduled to appear later to entertain me.  I’ve no idea what I must be putting her through, but I’m very glad she’s there.  I’d like to feel I’m still there for a good few years yet, but it’s not looking great.

Curtains have been opening and closing all morning.  Blood pressure has been tested at alarming regularity and my presence on the planet continues to feel like a blur as the drugs numb my faculties.

Is it Thursday or Friday?  I’ve just asked for soup.  I’m nil by mouth!  Cancelled!