Oldham Athletic have been relegated.  While not a shock, the bland and passionless draw at Northampton on the final day of the season summed it up.  Needing a win to survive, they didn’t exactly throw the kitchen sink at it.  If they had I’d probably be suffering more at the failure to score a winner.  But they passed the ball around thinking they were Barcelona, created few chances and could easily have lost.

So League Two it is.  For Chris it’s the first time they’ve changed division in his life.  I remember them in the Premier League.  Playing a League Cup final at Wembley.  Being everybody’s favourite second team.  But Saturday’s failure takes them to the bottom.  Except Tranmere and Stockport will tell you there’s further to drop.

For me, I’m wondering will I be alive to see them next season.  That’s August.  Chris will be wondering will they ever go back up.  May next year at the earliest.

That new owner doesn’t seem as exciting as he did in January.