As the bank holiday draws to a close, a rather nice Yorkshire lady pours me a glass of wine.  A pleasant evening in is planned and then the pelvic pain screams at me.

First drug, paracetamol.  Failure, but it gives me a chance to pay a visit before constipation causing drugs have to be taken.

Second drug, slow release morphine.  Twelve hours of possible sleep, and a high chance of an early end to a pleasant night in.

I pack my bag ready to leave in the morning.  Leaving the drugs next to the bed as some may be useful in the night.  Not the motphines though.  I swig rapid action morphine and it seems to numb the pain rapidly.

Amitriptylene goes unused, for now.  But if my right leg starts shaking in the night I won’t hesitate.

Staying awake much beyond 9pm with this lot inside me seems unlikely.  But sleep and these stronger drugs are my plan C.  Plan D is get on a morphine drip at the hospital. I could do without that.

Thursday is when Oncobabe updates me on my treatment options.  It can’t come soon enough.  I can’t believe radiotherapy hasn’t already happened.