I think it’s fair to put my recent lack of posting down to pain relief.  Tramadol or morphine are my current drugs of choice.  Both knock me out, if not physically then certainly mentally.

The idea of posting even a short blog update hasn’t appealed, simply because I’ve been somewhere close to semi-conscious a lot of the time.

It’s coming up to five weeks since I had any treatment that attacked my cancer.  My cancer knows this.  In my pelvic area it’s playing the computer game caterpillar.  Racing around a small matrix at high speed smashing into the outside of the board.  At night it lights up, burning pain felt in the affected area.  Hence the drugs.

The good news is I’m back on the Naproxen to manage this.  The bad news is that’s guaranteed constipation.  I can sit or lie at many angles, but they all eventually hurt. Hauling myself off the bed is tough going and inevitably hurts.  The postman came to deliver a parcel the other day.  I’m deaf and didn’t hear.  The redelivery option is likely to have the same result.  Accessing the local post offices to collect is a nuisance of minimal parking spaces and huge demand for the blue badge.

None of this is fun.  I think it’s a couple of weeks until they attack my cancer again.  I really hope that’s not too late!