It’s been a day of nothing.  Sleep.  Paracetamol.  But I’ve avoided the heavy drugs that saw me through the night.  But I have been wiped out.

This raises interesting questions about tomorrow.  Will my night involve more heavy drug taking?  Will I be fit to drive?  Will a normal Saturday with Chris work?

At present, I’m thinking yes.  But as darkness falls my favourite cancer cells tend to wiggle harder.  While my instinct is to go easy on the drugs various doctors are happy to dish out “take what you need when you need” advice within the confines of the prescription count.

The problem is this can create tiredness.  It makes driving a dubious task and I don’t want to endanger others.  It makes my enjoyment of being alive significantly lower.

It’s fair to say that I won’t know how I am until tomorrow arrives.  And today’s wake up time was four hours later than usual at 11am.  No chance of that breakfast tomorrow with a repeat!