I think it’s fair to say, even with reading, that my understanding of this term is limited. It seems to be a measure of responsiveness to treatments. PDL -1 very bad. PDL +1 merely a bit desperate but not quite as bad.

My winter 2016 biopsy scores me a PDL -1. This probably explains why I’ve successfully seen off two major treatments in short time. In other words, I’ve been doomed to quicker failure  all along.

Still, today was Oncobabe day and an early appointment. A slight shock when Dr Notoncobabe appeared, telling us that the scan results weren’t back from last Monday’s scan. An added shock that I have a 1pm appointment tomorrow for possible chemotherapy that may not even happen.  Oncobabe it seems was busy chasing up the scan.  Or hiding from a face to face complaint.

After Dr Notoncobabe assessing my leg movement and dodgy toes, I brought up the subject of the new treatment Atezolizumab which NICE have approved for use in the NHS.  My sister had kindly printed off a twenty page report that, in summary, says once chemotherapy fails they should get me on this drug.  Even with a minus one programmed death ligune.  Dr Notoncobabe said she’d take the matter up with Oncobabe.  She didn’t admit to not being familiar with the latest progression in NHS stage four lung cancer treatment.

The meeting drew to a close.  Knowing I have to return tomorrow afternoon is an irritation.  I still have big doubts about the effectiveness of my chemotherapy although the more severe pain I’ve been feeling has eased.

I think, if the local doctors know how, a new treatment buying a few more months might be close.  Perhaps a new biopsy to ease access to drug trials slightly further down the line could happen too.

For now, I’m still in limbo.  And while I felt quite energetic earlier, I’m exhausted by lunch time!