I’m not the kind of boy to ever visit a nail salon.  I am guilty of biting my bails throughout my life.  But they’ve always been in fairly good condition.

Chemotherapy has changed that.

My right thumb nail is the biggest victim.  It always seems to be my right side.  It currently has a spot down the middle that feels as if it’s as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon.  The nail itself is brittle and doesn’t show any signs of wanting to regrow in any sort of healthy and ordered manner.

I suppose it’s a small price to pay for being kept alive.  Not that the treatment is expected to do that for any extended period.  Just another expected side effect of having my body filled with chemicals every three weeks.

Granted, it beats pain.  It’s preferable to constipation.  But it is another frustration about how my body has spent the last couple of tears effectively falling apart.

Still, onwards and upwards with today.  It seems I have two medical appointments at different locations at the same time next Tuesday.  Perhaps the hearing one is going to have to give.  I hope they don’t put me to the back of a five week queue again.

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