October 2017 brought me bad news.  A flight ban from Oncobabe meaning my priority trip of seeing The Ashes was off.  The Credit Crunch had wiped out my fund to do this eight years earlier.  Now lung cancer had taken it away from me after I’d booked flights, tickets and accommodation.

Refunds were arranged bit by bit.  I gifted my Adelaide tickets to my Airbnb landlord.  A friend down under persuaded Qantas to refund a non-refundable ticket in full.  Three credit cards suddenly found themselves with significant credit balances.

Five months on, I’ve now managed to spend all the refund money.  Somewhere in excess of £3,000.  I’m trying to work out what on!  Petrol, eating out, occasional hotels and what?   The odd away match I suppose.

My income is only about £900 a month.  Rent £400.  Then another £600 on cards for routine expenses.  Not a sustainable spending model.

Then again, stage four lung cancer isn’t exactly a sustainable illness.  My finances will survive for now.

I’m raising money for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation – all support big or small welcome