As my chemotherapy commences, my drug count has increased dramatically.  Not satisfied with pumping poison into my declining body, they then prescribe four new medicines to take alongside the vitamin injection they game you the other day.

At present, my medical intake is as follows:

Eye care for Bell’s palsy – Hylo tear spray and lacrilube gunge topped off with night time taping of the eye.

Foot care for the ingrowing toenail – Daily salt bath, antiseptic spray and bandaging.

Pain relief as cancer can hurt – paracetamol, naproxen, tramadol, slow release morphine and quick hit oral morphine.  I’ve just come into a giant bottle of the latter today.

Chemo support medicines – folic acid, metoclopromide, dexamethasone, something else where I can’t read the label.

Then there’s also the constipation.  Apparently this will worsen unless I get lucky with a chemo side effect of diarrhoea.  There’s always something new to look forwards to!

Oh, and drink gallons of water to flush your kidneys out, eat pineapple and hope you don’t get thrush.

Fun times!

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