For most of the course of this illness, I’ve struggled to get my socks on in the morning.  Left foot, not so bad.  A bit of a strain of the back and it’s just about doable.

Right foot, a more significant problem.  My right side has been ravaged by both Bell’s palsy and the cancer.  Come to think of it, my right hand suffers from RSI too.  Pretty much useless down the right.

Sock putting on involves leaning back, lifting my right leg up to a contorted angle and stretching the entrance to my sock as wide open as possible, before making a semi-lunge forward to get that opening on to the awaiting foot.  Usually my aim is good.  Occasionally two or three attempts are needed.  On a couple of occasions the embarrassment of calling for third party assistance.  At least the grunge of the ingrowing toenail has left the right big toe.

While it might be coincidence, I’ve woken up feeling less sore in my hip/pelvic area.  If that really is the case the zapping of yesterday’s radiotherapy may have had some success.

Success further evidenced by my ability to put two socks on in well under a minute.  Without any obvious straining to achieve it.

The treatment isn’t curative.  But it seems to be offering a little bit of support to me at a time when it’s most welcome.

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