About two decades ago I took out a credit card that has been happily paying me 1% cashback ever since.  A Platinum card.  At the time I just about squeezed past the income requirements thanks to a recent promotion and including an estimated bonus in my income.  It’s now my default card when I’m not chasing airmiles and typically earns me over £100 a year.

When Oncobabe proudly announced I’d be going onto a “Platinum Chemotherapy Treatment Plan” my ears pricked up with excitement.  After a fraction of a second that excitement dropped as I realised she was talking about one of the chemicals in the drugs that they’re going to pump into me.

And, it seems that I will enjoy my radiotherapy zapping on Tuesday and my first round of chemotherapy on Wednesday.  It’s quite tough to take.  I’ve gone from having a long retirement to a low number of years to live to having just months to live.  And despite my fresh buttock pain I actually feel quite good physically, aided again by time in Anglesey.

And right now I’m trying to find gaps in my treatment plans for cancer, deafness, feet etc to get back to Anglesey.  Either solo or with Rachel.  I’m happy in my own company, but happiest with the lady.  But will I have the physical strength to drive to the island.  To lift up the hot tub lid and lower it again when I’m not using it.  Or to do anything at all!

I suppose time will tell.  I’m still keen to enjoy the time I’ve got left.  There are still ways to enjoy it.

Feeling on Edge