Monday can have that feeling.  But having not worked in well over a year perhaps I shouldn’t be feeling edgy.

I resumed my search for an NHS dentist.  There’s one who’ll see me at the end of next week.  If Oncobabe can’t fix me up, and she’s the one who wants me to see a dentist, I’ll have to go private.

My buttock is very sore.  Doubtless the cancer is growing.  I’m using more tramadol pills to ease it.  But trying to avoid driving with the drug in my system.

The over-50 life policy paperwork is coming in.  Much as I’ve enjoyed setting them up and watching my Topcashback balance grow, I now need to write the policies in trust to ensure they avoid inheritance tax.  I need to survive a year to make them worth anything of value.  Even after a year I don’t think the sum assured total is above £10k.  But if that can be made tax free that’s more in the pockets of loved ones facing into not having me around.  But the paperwork seems overwhelming.  A few months ago I’d have enjoyed completing it.

Pre-Oncobabe blood test was needed today too.  I tried out Halifax hospital for this and discovered a no wait service that puts Huddersfield infirmary phlebotomy to shame.  This also confirmed free parking for me as a cancer patient which I had thought was only appropriate at Huddersfield.  Now to discover if the results are there by tomorrow’s appointment with Oncobabe.

I’m trying to hold it all together at the moment and I think I’m succeeding.  But it’s tough.  There’s a temptation to just give up on life.  But too much of me still wants to enjoy it.

If You’ve Ever Been Kicked by a Horse ..