Another medical phone call today.  Cancer nursey telling me I’ll be seeing a radiotherapist in the next couple of weeks.

Now I’m a little ignorant about what radiotherapy achieves.  I wasn’t the most attentive when it came to the sciences.  By all accounts they fire X-rays at my cancer and that reduces or destroys the cell leaving me in more comfort.  As I’m so riddled the disease it seems they can’t zap every cell without turning me into a glowing corpse.

And while my pain is usually relatively mild, anything that promises to reduce current or future pain will always be welcome, as I’m a bit soft.

Im assuming they’ll point their zapper at my pelvis.  Doubtless Mr Radiotherpist (Not  Zapperbabe) will educate me further when we meet.

Meanwhile, here’s some Blondie.  Seems appropriate in a mellow kinda way.