I’ve never visited Ironbridge, but when Chris informed me he’s visiting his maternal grandmother this weekend and wouldn’t be joining me for two football matches, the idea of a New Year break away from it all was born.

New Years Day sees Oldham travel to Shrewsbury.  Rachel in a moment of madness volunteered to attend.  Google threw out some hotel options.  And one in luxurious Telford ticked the hot tub box.  Decision made.

It’s also a chance to see Ironbridge, which I’ve never viewed before.  Whether that turns into a “right, we’ve seen it, where’s the hot tub moment” or something longer lasting remains to be seen.

Ive made two visits to Telford before.  One was a recruitment fayre in around 2005.  Stood in a sports hall persuading the young and innocent that a career in banking was a done thing.  The other an unforgettable day in c1982 when Stockport visited Telford United in the early rounds of the FA Cup and the non-league Salopians battered the mighty County 3-0 in a day of high level hooliganism and a rollicking from my parents who didn’t know where I was!

Attendance at the Shrewsbury game is in doubt.  Not because of the weather, but because the thought of a hot tub is close to outranking the quality of football based on recent defeats by Oldham.

It’s also an exciting day for the BMW.  Rachel is now insured to drive it.  This might help with my mobility a little!