Having a scan done should not be physically demanding.  But as this session progressed I found it tougher and tougher.

The car park was full on arrival.  A tailback of cars on the main road queuing to get into the hospital.  I had no choice but to street park and the walk to the scanning unit wrecked me.  Made worse by knowing I’d have to walk back.

The nice radiotherapy assistant remembered my face.  And we briefly discussed Chile as she’d also remembered my holiday plans from earlier in the year.  That was the nasty scan the forced my drug change.  Let’s not have a repeat tumour on show please.

I was forced to drink water before being called for scan an hour after the appointment time.  A tough walk to the scanning room.  Hard to lift my legs up onto the bench.  Hard to get off again once the scan was complete.  Tough to get back to the car.  Dark gritted roads.

Results due 11th January.  I hope my energy levels recover long before then.

Once More into the Polo Mint