Yesterday, a phone call from the hospital.  Today’s appointment was meant to be Zometa bone strengthening drug at 12.40pm and a belated anniversary meeting with Oncobabe at 2.50pm.

The Zometa timing was set several weeks ago.

Yesterday the hospital called to tell me they need Oncobabe to see me before they can dispense the Zometa.  So I need to see Oncobabe first at 2.50pm.

This inevitably sets off a series of thoughts in my mind.  None of which are particularly good news.

  1. I had a blood test on Tuesday.  Something has shown up in that to create this change.
  2. They’ve finally looked at my X-ray from three weeks ago and discovered something unpleasant.
  3. They’ve just made a simple administrative error and have put it right.

The reason isn’t important.  The simple fact that they’ve made a change creates worry.  Not quite a bubbling paranoia but certainly an uncomfortable level of fear.

The word “scanziety” was used to describe how some cancer patients feel between scan and results.  Yesterday’s phone call has moved from “what will be will be” status to “shit, what have they found?” status?

I assume I’ll have answers this afternoon.

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