I think it’s fair to say that meeting told me what I expected to hear.  I’ve been feeble around my pelvis for months and, if anything, it’s been worsening.

Today Oncobabe didn’t reveal any unpleasant news relating to bloods etc.  But the cold honest truth about some of the bits between torso and legs is out.

The good news is that the bits you immediately thought of there are fine.  It’s anything that involves bone that’s the problem.

Badically my sacrum, pelvis and hips suffered significantly.  Presumably after the Afatinib stopped working in the summer and before the Osimertinib commenced in October the cancer munched away for fun.  The bones are weak.  I’ve described myself as feeling feeble and the X-ray has pretty much confirmed that.

There is good news.  The femur is fine and dandy.  But some key parts of me are not 100% and it’s fairly clear they never will be again.  And I really should avoid ice, walks of any significance and any sort of risk taking when it comes to crossing the road.

Next up, a CT scan next week.  Oncobabe is going to share pictures of my insides with numerous other Onco professionals and decide if there’s anything that can be done for me,  At the moment, she thinks this is as good as it gets.

I can still enjoy life.  But the idea of taking on more overseas trips really doesn’t appeal.  And I wonder whether I’ve flown abroad for the last time.

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