Recent away days by train have been taken first class.  Top up costs compared to cattle class tickets have been modest.  And the more space I have for the gammy leg the better.

Granted, the free coffee, box of sandwiches and wider backside resting space doesn’t tend to justify the top up.  But I can afford it as long as I don’t survive another five years!  So I pay it.  Usually.

The Cross Country trains experience on 23rd December where a Manchester to Plymouth service comes into play saw hideously high first class fares.  So, reluctantly, I booked standard class and will join the great unwashed on our journey to the West Country for the last football match before Christmas.

I’m already excitingly planning a packed lunch with cricketing favourites of pork pies and scotch eggs with haribos and chocolate likely to be supplemented by hot chocolate in two flasks coming from Chris.

And while checking the times of the trains next week I thought I’d also recheck the first class ticket price.  Having a Disabled Railcard knocks a third off the fare, so maybe there is a bargain to be had.

Price for two day returns?  £543.  I’ll stick to riff raff class.

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