Doncaster away.  Not necessarily the most glamorous match of the football season, but a breakthrough for me in keeping the cost of football down.

My friend John bought tickets for the match.  We met over a decade ago as our respective kids enjoyed kicking a bottle around at the front of the stand during a half time interval.  My initial shyness at meeting new people quickly removed by an enjoyable conversation recalling the previous week’s 1-0 FA Cup win at Everton.

Lads and Dads now have season tickets together and we tend to travel to away games together when his work shifts allow.

John also picks up match tickets for away games for us, handy with me and Chris living outside the town.

Today’s 1-1 draw is the first time I’ve entered a football ground as a disabled supporter using a disabled ticket.  It seems my access to full Personal Independence Payments qualifies me to a free carer at football matches.  So john bought my full price ticket and picked up a free one for himself, suggesting we share the price of the two tickets.

He was also good at faking on the role of carer.  Walking in front of me.  Standing in the road as I struggled to get out of my car at any pace.  Ensuring walking speeds between car and stadium were adapted for my slowness.

The 89th minute equaliser was a thoroughly enjoyable moment.  And the good news is that the same free ticket arrangement is in place for next Saturday’s visit to Plymouth.  Good news given the price of the train tickets.  And we’re not even travelling first class.

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