The original plan was Sunday to Thursday.  Catch a bit of Anglesey in December and park my ailing frame in a hot tub for a few days.

Alas, with heavy snowfall and an amber weather warning forecast for Sunday I’ve brought those plans forwards.  Departure will be Saturday evening after the football.

If the football even takes place.  Freezing temperatures forecast might mean the game is called off.

Travelling tonight won’t get without its own risks.  A mere yellow weather warning with snow and ice loitering.  Reports from north Wales (Liz on Facebook to get precise) suggest the A55 is a bit iffy.

But I’ve decided to make the journey.  Another few days away alone.  Somewhere I really like.  Hot tub.  Peace.  And despite the large number of drugs I seem to be taking with me, relative comfort.

And spending time in the hot tub in the snow quite appeals.  Although warmer sun is forecast after Sunday.

A Tesco visit to stock up on food before starting my journey.  Bacon breakfasts.  Some fruits and yoghurts for lunch.  Something on special offer for four evening meals.

It’s highly likely I won’t see another soul while I’m there.  And I’ll enjoy it.

Dreading the Snow