It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed snow.  A bit of sledging on the local golf course a few years back.

More recently it’s just been an occasional pain in the backside to have to dig a car out occasionally, or park 100 yards away on a road the local authority can be bothered to grit.

Sunday’s forecast looks pretty grim.  And the idea of walking from front door to car in ice is particularly unappealing.  Rachel has suggested I head to Anglesey on Saturday night, but that means missing out on a few hours with her.  Although it looks like the best way to avoid driving my suspect BMW through poor conditions.

In the past I’ve loved cold winter days.  As I’ve aged that love has diminished.  And now my movement is compromised and Oncobabe keeps advising me not to break a leg my approach is pretty close to stay indoors until it all warms up.

That weather forecast of snow and ice either side of the Pennines makes a return to a milder looking Anglesey look very appealing.  As long as getting there is safe!

The Desire to Fly Has Gone