I’ve finally ended my procrastination on this.  I have the perfect opportunity to clearly signpost where everything is after I’m gone and highlight one or two minor wishes.  And I simply haven’t wanted to do any more than make a will until now.

Then, in the early hours of this morning I started drawing up some instructions for my sister to follow as and when the inevitable happens.

Where the will is.  Where the pension is held.  Who to contact to stop sending me money.  Who to contact to return the car to.

A suggestion to update my Facebook page with a final message and funeral details.  I think this probably removes the need for an obituary in the local rag.  Wise, as the local rag went busy.  Yes, I want “Stayin’ Alive” playing at the funeral!

A note on how to get my Avios inherited instead of cancelled.  It almost feels like that’s the most important thing!

Which keys live on my keyring.  That could get an interesting puzzle to unpick without me around.

Where I hold credit cards and bank accounts.  I must remember not to play the rate tart and introduce numerous new bank and building societies into my life!

There’s more detail to add.  Phone numbers to dig out.  Topcashback account to empty!

It’s morbid.  But the least I can do for those I leave behind is to make winding up my affairs fairly straight forwards.

A Quick End