Monday’s visit to Oncobabe included a foot inspection.  A nurse took a swab from each big toe, bandaged them, and that was that.

This evening I got a call saying that the swabs are positive for an infection and I need antibiotics.  Very kindly, they’d already organised the prescription, collected it from the hospital pharmacy and delivered it to Ward 12 – where I spent my overnight pain night a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately this committed me to a one hour round trip to collect the damn things.      Friday rush hour!  But as its a four a day thing I should be able to take two pills before sleep to enable the active ingredients to start working.

I think it’s fair to say I’m a bit fed up with the number of pills I’m currently taking.  But there’s a reality that this may be how it’s always going to be.  Whatever duration “always” becomes.

Cumbria Tomorrow