When I spent a chunk of the kids’ inheritance on the now abandoned Australia trip I was perfectly aware that I might not make it.  While my image of that risk was me wired up to a chemo tube or lying in a hospice bed, rather the being the healthiest I’d been in weeks (which is my current reality), I knew I might not make it.

Had the afatinib carried on working I’d be on those planes starting 17th November.  Alas, the 32 month average success barely got over the six month mark.

Yesterday, I managed to cancel everything.  Today I can begin to track the refunds.

All the Avios used to hook internal flights down under have been refunded.  Where I paid for a flight I have a voucher for AUS$348 to use against another flight.  Alas, that expires on 21st January.  A year after booking.  I’m not sure if I can book a new flight with it, cancel it, and get a longer lasting voucher!  I’m doubtful I’ll ever get to Oz!

Qatar tell me they’ll take 25 days to refund nearly €2,000.  I need to check where that refund is going.  My Travelex Supercard account paid for that.  As Travelex have withdrawn the product things might get complicated.

I can’t track down my Finnair terms and conditions.  I’m assuming I’m entitled to nothing.  Hotels.com and Airbnb are reimbursing various credit cards.  I might have some large credit balances on those before the week is out.

My Aussie email file can act as the key reconciler of these refunds.  Hopefully it will all be back in time for Christmas!

A Treat For My Feet