The Australia trip is off.  Oncobabe expressed serious concerns about travelling with the osimertinib when I’m new to the drug – risk of it failing.  She reiterated her concerns about getting an infection during 19 hours of flying.  She said coming off the drug for a few weeks was untested and likely to encourage an aggressive return of the cancer.

A few words about broken leg risk too.  It’s a shame because all my trips have been key to maintain my morale.  I’ve enjoyed thinking, planning, travelling and writing hugely.  It’s a great distraction to the elephant in the room.

While I’m sad the trip has gone I’m not devastated.  I’m upset to miss out on catching up with long departed friends who are looking forward to summer.  But UK alternatives will have to do for now.  I’m effectively confined to Great Britain for three months or so.

Football trips.  Anglesey relaxation and more is to come.  But planes, boats and tunnels are off limits.  It’s a bit like being grounded!

There is another Ashes tour scheduled for 2021.  Depending on which statistics you read I have a 4%-14% chance of being around for that.  Less chance of being physically able to travel.  The money will have run out by then too if I make it that far.

I’ve had an entertaining afternoon unwinding the bookings.  The big €2,300 Qatar business class flight from Finland to Sydney and back only cost €471 to scrap.  Finnair won’t tell me if I’m due any refund on the Manchester to Helsinki legs.  I filled a form in.

Hotels were all cancellable without charge.  And Airbnb are generous enough to refund their cut of the booking if you plead nasty disease with them.

The Qantas internal flights down under were mainly booked using Avios.  The good news is those Avios have been refunded.  Christ knows what I’ll spend those on when I can’t fly!

The Mystery of the Missing Oncologists