I try not to click on those Facebook links that promise interesting stories and take you to an advert filled site that takes ten minutes to produce the first readable paragraph.

But I was tempted in by a “Chile is the place to go in 2018” link.  A watered down article without excessive adverts can be found here.

As the kind of man who tends to be approximately fifteen years behind the latest trend it’s nice to have got myself ahead of the curve on this one.  Chris being the main reason I was persuaded to go.

The article in the link above doesn’t really do justice to the Atacama and doesn’t even mention Easter Island.  Focusing instead on the cities of Santiago and Valparaiso.  We didn’t even visit the latter.  I can sort of get their love for the capital but I’m not really a city dweller and, in truth, found it a bit meh.

But would I recommend the world’s number one destination as a place you really should visit?  Absolutely.  Not if you want to put your arse on a sunbed and relax.  But if you want to get out and really see an extraordinary country and are willing to take multiple internal flights or long distance luxury coach journeys overnight you really won’t be disappointed.

Smaller budget?  Well the Lonely Planet people also wax lyrical about the Northern Ireland coastline being perfect for 2018.  I found welcoming people, spectacular views aplenty and cheap car hire and accommodation.  £1.20 for an ice cream by the sea too – bargain!  Get there before the rush.  And park in the pub car park next to the Giants Causeway to buy a Guinness and avoid paying an obscene amount to the National Trust!

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