No medic has volunteered information on vaccinations for me this year.  Despite the risk of lung infections being dramatically higher than usual.

I’ve never had a flu jab before nor have I felt I needed one.  After a bit of nagging from my sister I asked the nurse at the hospital if I should have one.  Three hours later she phoned me to say yes, I should.  There is no information online about flu jabs and osimertinib.  I assume nursey asked Oncobabe who took a flyer and said yes to me getting a jab.

On receiving this news I immediately recalled one of my staff having a flu jab and being off sick in the immediate aftermath – and it lasted for weeks.

But, however, I made my appointment with my GP and wandered down there this afternoon.  A popular place on a Thursday it would seem, but I managed to get the only disabled parking space and wandered in.  Amazingly, room seven was operating on high speed turnaround of patients and I guessed it was my turn soon.

Indeed, five minutes early to room seven.  Jumper off, minimal discussion or confirmation of need.  Stab.  Gone.  My veins are now filled with the flu virus.  I just hope it remains in the background as it has been something of a time period where what can go wrong will go wrong medically.

I even ponder the best way to depart this mortal coil.  Flu or cancer?  I need to banish such thoughts from my head though.  I’m definitely feeling lower than I was during the summer.  Not to the point of depression.  But a little less enthused.

Maybe resolving the Australia question either way will lift me next week and free me to set new travel goals.

My Right Leg Just Isn’t Right