Tuesday saw me plugged into a drip in the “chemo ward” to be infused with a drug called zometa.  Weak right leg?  Fine, we will pump it into your left hand!

I was threatened with the side effects of flu like symptoms on Wednesday.  While I did feel pretty lifeless all day I don’t recall sneezing,

Today I thought I’d read up on the drug.  A 3.2% life expectancy improvement for breast cancer patients.  Small sample, statistically irrelevant I think.

The drug supposedly assists bone regrowth.  I pondered why it wasn’t prescribed when my back had been ripped apart and scans were reporting damage to ribs, vertebrae, pelvis and sternum?

Anyway, a day of sluggishness passed and I’m more with it today.  I feel like I can feel things happening to my bones.  Predominantly upper back.  Is it real?  I’ve no idea.  Has my useless right leg improved?  No.  I still don’t know why my leg is misbehaving.  Friendly pain relief is minimising my chance to measure improvement or otherwise.

Apparenty there are are alternatives to zometa for bone strengthening that may be better.  They need four hours on a drip though.  I’m not sure my phone battery would outlast the boredom.  It’s not as if I’ve been offered a choice anyway.

The Insurer Stops Paying