This one fell off the list on a previous trip.  A choice to spend more time at the North Rim of Grand Canyon, and take a break from long drives.

It’s first on this tour.  Making sure it happens!  The online reviews talk of its wonder, beauty and greenery – the latter a rarity in this part of the world.  Presumably climatic differences in play.

The other note is “you should spend days exploring”.  Well we’ve got a few hours so that isn’t going to happen!  But it’s a part of the world where so many things deserve days.  And even a three week tour struggles yo give more than hours to places of immense natural beauty.  And, despite reservations, I’m still happy that a few hours snap shots of lots of places is the way to go rather than spending several days staring at the same beautiful rocks.

It’s  an in investing call for anybody planning such a trip.  While the driving is part of the fun there can be a dreariness to finding a new motel every night and lifting the heavy cases out of the car boot.  Only to return them a few hours later.

But it gives me so much more of a buzz than the sunbed I probably need!

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