We checked out and drove through the dark Patagonian morning to Temuco airport. As dawn’s light shone for the first time, I noticed that our hotel had got its decimal points wrong and charged us $1.95 for our stay. I assume my credit card will soon see an additional charge added.

With no specific car hire drop off point we parked in the main car park and dropped the key and car park ticket off at the unmanned Avis desk. Two stray dogs stared at us a we headed towards the Sky bag drop desk.

For the first time the slight damage on Chris’ bag that we already knew about was highlighted and a disclaimer signed. They insisted my walking stick was not allowed in the cabin and we packed it into the case. It’s a good job my mobility has improved slightly further overnight.

Excitement at security where everybody stopped at the top of the escalator meaning I went crashing into the back of Chris almost causing a domino rally effect on the queue in front.  Pretty poor design there airport planning peeps!

Excitement too as we discovered the lounge was open after all. Worthy of a little fist pump! Breakfast became a cheese and ham sandwich, chocolate cake and unlimited supplies of hot chocolate. Four cans of sugarless Coke (of the Cola variety) mysteriously found their way into our hand luggage.

A quick review of the departure board and we realised every plane leaving this airport today is heading to Santiago. I wondered briefly why I hadn’t selected a later flight. Still, no point worrying!  Doubtless £££s mattered when I made the decision.

We took off into the morning mist, fingers crossed that Tomas, our personal capital city taxi driver, would be there to collect us at the airport once we landed.

Chile Trip Nearly Over