It’s all coming to a quiet end. Our time in Patagonia is just about done and in a few hours we’ll be back in Santiago for two nights.

I’m almost regretting not going straight home. We enjoyed the capital first time around, but it’s fair to say it’s not exactly a beautiful city or a tourist magnet. Maybe another couple of days will give us a little more. I’ll certainly get the shoe shine man to polish my boots again!

Right now, I’m tired but happy. It’s been brilliant. The fifteen stone statue men on Easter Island my favourite moment. San Pedro de Atacama my favourite location, and the geysers were wonderful. Patagonia’s been chilled and relaxed. Chris is in awe of the country. I don’t think he ever expected to get here, let alone drive somewhere as remote.

The Chilean people come across as warm and friendly and keen to assist. The most rewarding conversations have been the ones with Spanish only speakers – some talk, blank looks, waving and finger pointing/counting, laughter and agreement on what’s needed. Chris has certainly improved his Spanish while we’ve been here. Me less so.

But when there’s been a lingual impasse google translate has kicked in and we’ve been able to understand what’s been said.

Just four flights left to go …

Without Setting Foot on a BA Plane We’ve Achieved Silver Status – With BA