Boarding was fun. Two lanes formed. Business and plebeian.  As we walked down our lane the air bridge appeared and separated us. A glass wall between us, eventually leading to different plane doors.

This A340 business class cabin afforded us two seats next to each other. No window, but then nighttime was to follow the entire journey so who needs a view?

Being fed on a plane at 1am felt wrong. Especially after we’d been fed on a place a few hours earlier. My appetite wasn’t up to much and, in truth, neither was my brain.

Iberia cabin staff were fabulous at refilling the wine glass though, but eventually I succumbed to sleep.

The first half of my sleep saw a reclined chair. I adjusted to fully flat later on which helped my back a little. We both slept well and my only criticism of the chair is that the bit where you stick you feet narrows too soon. But that’s certainly a minor niggle for the comfort enjoyed. And a tad better than those who’d disappeared into the economy door somewhere behind us.

As morning in my head approached I paid a visit and drank copious amounts of water to counter dehydration. A snack of the worst croissant ever and a nicer Mars bar. A promise of a proper breakfast before a 7.30am landing in Santiago.

While the food on board hasn’t impressed the service and comfort has. I’d been dreading the long hours in a plane but we both seem to have survived it well.

The key challenges of the day are finding a taxi and persuading our hotel to accommodate us, or at least our bags, when we rock up there at 9am local time.

It should be sunny for the next few days though!

Flight Two – Milan to Madrid – After the Pink Crop Top