Suddenly this Chile trip is very close to happening.  And I’ve done so little specific work for what we’ll be doing on the ground.

Our few days in Santiago at the start of the trip gives us not just the chance to see our first South American city but also a reliable wifi service to plan the rest of the trip on.  I’m fairly sure the wifi in the more remote parts of Chile that we’re visiting will be ropey.

To me the Atacama meets a lot of needs.  Remote.  Desert.  Geothermal.  Then I look at the roads and ponder if the Honda Civic was the right car rental booking.

To Chris it means a whole lot more.  He’s doing a Geography / Geology degree and the Atacama is unique.  The rock formations will thrill him.  The geothermal stuff will be above and beyond what he’s seen in the American south west.  But it’s a place that he’s learned about off the telly.  Brian Cox pops up there from time to time.  It has extremes, not of temperature but of low humidity.  His camera should be able to produce sensational night sky pictures.  And he also gets to drive.

Since I changed car he’s not been insured to drive anywhere.  Europcar Chile let a 19 year old take the keys.  Easter Island car hire is an uninsured horror show that also lets him drive.   Might be sat there scared witless but I’ll take the risk and let him share the load.  If the road is safe enough.

Worst Pain in Months