Last full day today and I think we’ll rest.  My love of the great American road trip continues but I am looking forward to the final transatlantic first class flight of my life tomorrow night.  I’ll cap my luxury at business class from now on!

We’ll relax today.  Little driving.  Beach.  Pool.  Sunset.  Perhaps reminisce over the last two weeks.

Chris is a great travel companion.  Intelligent, amusing and tolerant of my quirks we rib each other in a jovial manner but the love I have for my son is unsurpassed.  There are many things he might achieve in life but I hope, above all, he finds longstanding happiness in himself.

As for New England, it’s been great.  The further north and the more remote west we’ve got the more I’ve enjoyed it.  The areas around Bar Harbor, Mount Washington and Old Conway my favourites.  Cape Cod may well get added to that list today, despite being further south and east!

Boston is fine for the city lovers.  But this trip has reaffirmed that I’m happier with nature.  While not quite seeking solitude, the fewer people around the better!

New England in June is exceptionally green.  Presumably preparing for a good Fall browning off!  The time of year worked well for us though.  Quieter roads, emptier hotels and restaurants and easy access to any attractions.

Cost wise it has been epensive when compared to previous trips on the West side of the country.  This maybe more to do with the value of the pound than rampant inflation or regional price variations, but despite empty rooms in most locations our hotel prices seemed relatively high.

Comparitively, I’d still have to say that those trips to California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana were better.  Probably because the scenery is more dramatic and noticeably less British.  But I won’t understate New England.  It has its own charm and beauty.  It’s definitely worth the effort.  And if you’re going to line up a series of USA driving trips yourself it might well be the one to do first before heading west in future for the more spectacular.

A special thanks to Kay for the teabags – Chris is enjoying working through them.  And a fun evening with Will and Clare too.  The online world helps build new friendships.

Next up, a return to Anglesey, the possibility of a Wimbledon final.  And then, in four weeks, Chile.

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