This year’s USA driving experience has been different.  Chris remains in charge of the directions / navigation while I cling tightly to the steering wheel worrying about inconsiderate locals not realising that I need to swerve across three lanes to exit highways, or how I want to hog two lanes before Google Maps gets around to letting us know where to go.

My big problem is my right ear.  Thanks to Bell’s palsy I’ve been deaf in that ear for a few weeks.  Not immediately a problem, it becomes a nightmare on foreign roads when your navigator is giving you instructions from the right.  The number of times I’ve thrown out an ignorant sounding “what?” As Chris clearly gives directions has led to one or two startling lane changes and late swerves after he repeats his message.

My deafness isn’t fun.  But it is occasionally funny. My stunning ignorance as a waitress commented on my Space Invaders tee shirt – because I’d not heard a word – cracked Chris up as he explained the message I’d missed.  I flashed a belated smile to the waitress that, thanks to the Bell’s palsy, was a strange deformed facial glare, already having missed good timing.  An odd look was returned before she turned away.

Learnings For Our Chile Trip