I’m not intending to turn this blog into some sort of political forum.  The best you’ll get out of me is some sort of loose one liner that might not stack up to scrutiny.

For a moment, in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bombing, I pondered doing some sort of tour of cities that have also suffered pointless savagery at the hands of, let’s say, misguided fruitloops.  Manchester, London, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, Berlin and the numerous other places that have taken a hit in recent years.

Then I realised that I’d be changing my behaviour because of something that is so wrong.  Apparently “they” want us to change.  I struggle to understand who “they” are or what “they” want because “they” haven’t bothered to suggest anything constructive or helpful as far as I’m aware.  But that’s for a different place.

“They” hit London last night.  Achieving absolutely nothing, other than an unbelievable sense of loss and trauma for people who most likely knew nothing of the cause the perpetrators were apparently representing.

When I wander through security at Manchester Airport Terminal 3 on Tuesday morning I assume the queue will be longer.  They might even search my bag, as has happened three times in fourteen flights anyway.  Maybe the Americans will also make us form a longer queue and ask more questions before we’re allowed to wander into the “Land of the Free”.

It will inconvenience me slightly.  It won’t change what I’m doing though.