When I showed my oncologist my sore toe she was quick to act.  “Are you diabetic?” was her first question.  A reminder that my diabetic uncle lost a foot thanks to an toe infection and diabetes.

It was also a stark reminder that I need to keep on top of things.  Travelling the planet for as long as possible will be a hell of a lot less fun if I need to roll or hop.

Onco Babe immediately called on a passing nurse to clean and bandage something I’d previously only considered an irritant.  Then the prescription for antibiotics was written and off I trotted to collect cancer pills and some penicillin derivative.

Three days later and my podiatrist told me my feet look good, trimmed my nails and then butchered my right big toe.  Slicing 30% of the nail away to help clear out whatever was causing the problem before rebandaging quite heavily.

Five days on and the pain has just about gone.  I’ll strip the bandage away later and shower.  But fingers crossed this ailment isn’t going to make this New England trip a chore.  You bet your life the holiday insurance would call it a dancer side effect!

Travelling Through Terror