The big trips lie ahead.  I’m expecting New England and Australia to provide great weather.  Chile enjoys winter during our visit, so I’m less hopeful there.  But the Atacama and Easter Island should be kind.

It is fair to say the I have been incredibly lucky with weather since I started my travels.  I’m currently in Anglesey and yesterday was a scorcher.  Today doesn’t look like it’s going to be any less fabulous.  Alas, the drive home via the hospital provides today’s excitement.

When I started my travels in Malta it was February but warm and sunny.  Bratislava delivered rain, but temperatures were mild and there should have been snow on the ground.  There wasn’t.

Iceland early March chose to dump its snow the week before arrival.  While temperatures were only just above freezing the sun shone and shone.  Cloud only appeared at night to block out the northern lights.

Ljublana in Slovenia was sunny throughout, with two very warm days as well.  It was extraordinary for Central Europe in March and probably helped skew my exceptionally positive thoughts about the place.

Similar patters have followed in Montenegro, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands.  The sun has shone.  Always welcome when you visit the coast.  Welcome too for floating down many of Amsterdam’s canals.

Flying into Washington DC in 2012 Hurricane Sandy clobbered the place.  Fingers crossed “normal” summer weather for Massachusetts will greet us next.

Another One Ticked Off the Bucket List