This one is on me.  I completely forgot to remind the pharmacy to order in my drugs until Wednesday morning.  I should really have done it a week earlier.  My tardiness meant that failure to collect them today would mean going two days without afatinib as the pharmacy is closed Saturday through to Monday.  I’ve no idea how close that is to suicide and I’d rather not find out.  Certainly differen to forgetting your hayfever medication!

Waking up in Anglesey probably wasn’t a good idea.  The drive across on Wednesday had been leisurely.  I’d anticipated the same going home, completely failing to acknowledge that Friday’s before bank holiday weekends might not be plain sailing.

After a welcome lunch with a friend in Llandudno, as you do, I returned to the A55.  The sat nav said 3.15pm would be arrival in Huddersfield time, where the pharmacy is.  Then thirty miles west of Chester the sat nav went mad.  New maps were drawn.  An estimated arrival time of 4.30pm appeared on screen.  After 5pm and I dont get my drugs.

The traffic slowed, stopped and crawled.  Not good.  Apparently a caravan was on fire on the M56 and the M60 beyond was a bit rubbish too.  I diverted through Warrington.  Pondered Mr Smiths night club, Michaela Strachan and The a Hit Man and Her show from the 1980s that I never watched.

Warrington crawled.  ETA 4.40pm.  I pondered how to operate my mobile while driving.  It’s all programmed in but I’ve never used it on the move.  A phone call to somebody to ask them to get to the pharmacy for me.  But who?  A phone call to the pharmacy to establish alternative options maybe?

The M60 was slow, but the ETA improved and I finally got to Huddersfield for 4.20pm.  Time enough to collect the drugs and do my X-ray and blood tests ahead of Tuesday’s oncologist appointment.  So the phone call didn’t need to be made.  But I chided myself for failing to sort things out a week earlier.  Relief.

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