The iPad and charger are the last thing I throw in my hand luggage.  Not because they’re the least important.  Quite the opposite.  It’s because it’s the last thing I use at home and also needs to be first out at the airport to join the clear bag in the security bucket away from my main bag.

The Americans and the Brits have already banned iPads from the cabins on flights to or from places like Egypt and Syria.  Not a problem as I’ve no plans to visit.  But there is pressure being applied from across the Atlantic to extend the iPad ban to further countries including the EU.

This is a tad bothersome.  The iPad is my go to “bored on a flight” toy.  I can play music.  Stick Cricket.  Some diamondy tetrissy type game.  Even download videos pre-flight.  If they ban the iPad this is taken away from me and I’ll cry!

Yes, I could put music on the phone, but don’t want to.  I refuse to play games on the phone as it’s too fiddly.  And video on the screen is too small.

OK so I could bring the ancient iPod out of the car.  Even use one of those book things that used to be popular.  But the iPad is also the centrepiece of my evening entertainment.  I watch Netflix, not foreign telly.  I can write blogs on the iPad, not on the phone.

It’s not the end of the world for a flight where the iPad is allowed in the hold luggage.    But the 13 hour haul from Madrid to Chile will be less fun.  Not to mention Australia.

And what if I’m on a hand luggage only trip in Europe and they introduce the iPad ban when I’m oversees?  That’s an iPad cold turkey proposition that has me quivering with fear!  Will I ever get it back?

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