Despite my plans to see more of the planet, I really don’t like airports.  It really should be a lot less hassle to turn up somewhere, hop on board and fly somewhere.

The morning was good.  I sat on a bench in the centre of town enjoying the soaring temperatures and admiring fair maidens wandering past while humming Bruce Springsteen’s “Girls in Their Summer Clothes” to myself.  Street wifi helped me browse away the hours including the shocking discovery that my Priotity Pass lounge card doesn’t work at Eindhoven Airport.  There’s a cost I hadn’t factored in when discarding Amsterdam as a landing point!

Never mind.  I made my usual early arrival at the airport.  Much as I dislike the places the fear of missing my flight outweighs things.  Do I eat in the pre-security area or beyond?  I chose beyond.  I should have chosen the hotel next door!

For the fourth time in a row exiting a foreign country I was drug swabbed.  All clear. Through the pointless perfume shop and over to the sole food place.  €9 for a drink and panini.  Just rubbish!  That, and the lack of comfy seats, is the cost of no lounge admission.  At least there’s free airport wifi.

Eaten.  Still nearly two hours to the flight.  No desire to chat to the pretty Dutch girls in the corner.  Bored.  Another good solo jaunt drawing to a close.

What if They Ban My iPad?