My Northern Ireland trip ended with more superb weather, alas this time I was only able to drive to the airport in it.

My unreliable sat nav was ditched so I enabled google maps on my phone and received the direction I needed back to the airport.  A petrol and wee stop at Tesco was entertaining as yet again I parked up on the wrong side of the pump and needed to wrap the hose around the car.  I then took my phone to the gents.

As I was staring straight ahead while engaging a different hose a fellow bald gentleman moved into place two urinals away.  At which point my phone blurted out “in 150 yards turn right at the roundabout”.  I wasn’t really in a position to adjust the settings as it went on to say “continue straight on”.  My aim was clearly in question!

Flybe is a civilised airline that allows you to print out your boarding card on a machine at the airport without charging you £40.  I took a wander through security and sought out the lounge where I was the only customer.  Coffee, scone and chocolate cake were consumed while a can of Guinness and a bag of crisps accidentally fell into my hand luggage.

Half an hour late the call came for my flight.  I somehow ended up at the back of the queue at the gate and waited.  Suddenly remembering the horror of the outbound flight.  My bag wouldn’t fit in the overhead locker!  I had to spend the whole flight with it on my feet in the tiny propeller driven machine Flybe call a passenger aeroplane.

Same plane to get me home.  Same nightmare.  Thankfully the flight is only 45 minutes.  As I board, last, I realise there are a dozen empty seats at the front of the plane and several dozen passengers battling to squeeze their bags into the tiny overhead lockers.

Opportunistically I ask the stewardess if I can sit in two of the empty seats.  One for me.  One for the bag.  I’m last on.  Nobody else is heading this way!  She agrees and comfort is found.

My big problem comes in July.  Our flights to Chile start in Milan.  To get to Milan we use Flybe.  They use small Embracer aircraft on the Milan route.  Small hand luggage bags needed.  The same hand luggage that will be used for the thirteen hour slog to Santiago.  I need to give some thought to change of clothes and choice of toys to take with me.  Something I’d given no consideration to.

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