I started watching Game of Thrones last week.  Five years behind the rest of the world.  And completely coincidental that I was due to hit the Antrim coast this week.

My day started with nothing more than a walk down a country lane.  The sheep stopped munching and stared at me en masse as I passed.  Perhaps they smelled Yorkshire on me.  It was like the pub scene in American Werewolf in London where the bar fell silent as the strangers walked in.

A random drive took me to Ballypatrick forest and a chilly walk before I took in numerous harbours and beaches as the sky became clearer and the sun warmer.

My favourite location of the day has been Dunluce Castle.  A fiver to get in.  Excellent historical references throughout.  Amazing views.  And the scene setter for the Iron Islands in Game of Thrones, albeit touched up a tad for the telly box.

And GoT has been everywhere on this coast.  I found a quaint harbour and had a chocolate ice cream.  Later I discovered a picture of a GoT character on a boat in the same harbour.  Other headlands and rock faces have had similar stardom too.

If I’d planned it better I could have made a specific tour out of the series.  But then I shunned Titanic for the Mourne Coast on Monday so perhaps it’s not my way.  And I’m only just past the bit where Sean Bean gets his head chopped off so I’m no expert.

The trip?  Brilliant.  Another highly recommended destination.  Where else can you get an ice cream for £1.20?

Spectacular Coastline