My previous visits to Leeds Bradford Airport have seen me walk past the Yorkshire Premier Lounge without being allowed to touch.  Today I’ve been able to wander in and play thanks to my Priority Pass.

It’s a comfortable haven away from the rest of the world and has supplied me with a tea cake (that’s the thing with currants that you toast, for those who think it’s a bread roll) and a bacon sandwich.  Coffee and orange juice capped off the meal along with an Alpen cereal bar sneakily secreted into my hand luggage.

As lounges go it’s quite compact.  They don’t care about seeing your boarding pass to let you in, the wifi is far superior to that in the distant corners of the airport and, quaintly, they actually call out your flight rather than expecting you to read the screen.

Theres a decent range of breakfast foods including cereals, toast and scones in addition to my preferences and, despite only being 10am, everybody else seemed to have beer or wine self-serviced to their chairs.

Airport lounges aren’t necessarily exciting but I certainly like to step away from the crowds to chill before a flight.  The Yorkshire Premier Lounge certainly let’s me do that.

I just wonder why the fine folk of Yorkshire have to include the name of the county in everything they do.  Then again, if they’d gone for the Arthur Scargill Premier Lounge instead it might not have felt quite the same.

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